Lost Licorice Candies/Products?
We receive a large number of requests to find "Lost Licorce".  That is a Licorice product from your past that you can no longer find. This
LicoriceFindertm section is dedicated to help you and you helping others find long lost licorice items. Please enter your requests and/or give is feedback about where others might find their lost loves. If you are looking for Licorice Snaps please click here on Licorice Snaps . If you are looking for Switzer's Licorice please click on Switzer's Licorice . If you are looking for Callard & Bowser Licorice Toffee . If you can not find the licorice you are looking for in the list below please click here: Lost Licorice Request Form.



 North American
A list of Licorice Products?
Please Click on any item below:

Allen's Licorice
Amish Old Fashion Licorice
Anise Bears
Anise Squares
Anise Creams
Apricot Liquorice Logs
Australian Licorice
Ben Hurs
Black Jack Gum
Black Jack Taffy Licorice
Black Licorice Bites
Black Licorice Creme Filled Sticks
Black Licorice Crows
Black Licorice Jelly Beans
Black Licorice Laces
Black Licorice Ropes
Black Licorice Twists & Twizzlers®
Blackjack Gum
Black & White Licorice Mix
Brachs Twisters
Braided Licorice Rope
Bridge Mix Licorice
Broadway Licorice Rolls
Coal Candy
Chateau d'Lanz
Chocolate Licorice
Chuckles Licorice
Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Stick
Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice DGL
Delfa Licorice Rolls
Drops Druppels -- Honey Drops
Egyptian Licorice Tea
Filled Raspberry Sours
Flavored (Colored) Licorice Sticks
Flavoring (Licorice)
Fruit Licorice
Gimbal's Black & White Mix
Glitter Crunch Licorice
Gluten, Sugar & Lactose Free
Good & Plenty®
Grape Licorice Laces & Twists
Green Apple Twists
Green, Mint Flavored Licorice
Haribo® Licorice Wheels
Heide® Licorice
Hint Mint -- Licorice Mints
Honey Tops
Kosher Licorice
Kenny's Licorice
Let's Do Organic
Licorice Babies
Licorice Bears
Licorice Buttons & Coins
Licorice Capsules
Licorice Cats (Katjes)
Licorice Chews
Licorice Cones (liquid filled)
Licorice Cream Rocks
Licorice Diamonds
Licorice Drops
Licorice Extract
Licorice Graffity
Licorice Gum
Licorice Hats
Licorice Ice Cream
Licorice Keys
Licorice Jawbreakers
Licorice Jellybeans
Licorice Money
Licorice Nibs - Hershey's
Licorice Pastels
Licorice Piglets
Licorice Pipes (Black)
Licorice Pipes (Red)
Licorice Plant Seeds
Licorice Plugs
Licorice Powder
Licorice Root Sticks
Licorice Scotties
Licorice Snaps
Licorice Tablets
Licorice Tea
Licorice Tubes
Licorice Cream Filled Tubes
Licorice Vines (American Licorice )
Licorice Wheels
Licorice Whips
Licorice Witches
Licorice with a Twist
Menthol Licorice
Mixed Licorice
No anise/hydrogenated Licorice
Nibbs - Paskesz's
Nibs - Hershey's ®
Old Fashioned Cigars & Pipes
Old Fashioned String Licorice
Organic Licorice
Pinwheel Hard Candy
Red Licorice Bites
Red Licorice Creme Filled Tubes
Red Licorice Laces
Red Licorice Ropes
Red Licorice Twists & Twizzlers®
Red Vines Licorice
RJ's Licorice
Route 29 Licorice
Running Rabbit Licorice
Salty Licorice Mix
Sen-Sen Squares
Smith Brothers Cough Drops
Soft Pillow'ish Licorice Candy
Sour Punch & Vines
Spearmint Licorice
Sugar Free Licorice / Diabetic
Sweet Licorice Mix
Switzer's Licorice
Texas Giant Jelly Bean
Tire Tread Licorice
Twizzlers® Licorice (Hershey's)®
White Licorice Popsicle
Wheat Flour Licorice Recipe
Y & S® Licorice Cigars, Pipes, etc.

 European & Australian
A list of Licorice Products?
Please Click on any item below:

Amarelli Licorice
Bassett's Black Jack Chew Bar
Bassetti Hard Liquorice Sticks
Bico's Hard Licorice
Black & White Licorice Mix
Black Crow Licorice
Black Pharaoh Liquorice
Cachou LaJaunie
Callard & Bowser Licorice Toffee
Chipurnoi -- Licorice Chips
Chocolate Licorice
Danish Licorice
Danish Licorice Rolls
Daintee Licorice (Liquorice)
Darrell Lea
Delfa Roll Licorice
English Liquorice (Allsorts)
Fassi Mental mints
Flavored (Colored) Licorice Sticks
German Licorice
Glycyrrhiza glabra
Golia Licorice
Gott & Blandat
Salt & Blandat
Friskt & Blandat
Gott o Blandat
Halva® Licorice
Haribo® Bico's
Haribo® Licorice Wheels
Italian Licorice
Italiano Rolls
Kookaburra Licorice
Kosher Licorice
Lakerol Licorice
Licht Zout (Light Salt)
Lakkrís Kúlur
Lakkrís Brjóstssykur
Lakrisal Salmiac Pastilles
Lakritz-Konfekt  / Konfectstaven
Sen-Sen Flavored Squares
Licorice Boats (Lakrits Bĺtar)
Licorice Cats (Katjes)
Licorice Chips -- Chipurnoi
Licorice Cones (liquid filled)
Licorice Cream Rocks
Licorice Cream Filled Tubes
Licorice Diamonds
Licorice Extract
Licorice Gum
Licorice Helps
Licorice Lentils
Licorice Money
Licorice Plant Seeds
Licorice Recipe
Licorice Smiles
Licorice Tea
Licorice Tubes
Licorice Wheels
Licorice with a Twist
Liquirizia Purissima
Malaco® Licorice Laces
Nonsuch Liquorice Toffee Nubilottes
Mint Nopjes
Oatfield Liquorice Toffee
Panda Licorice Bars
Pontefract Cakes
Saila Licorice Mints
Salt o Blandat
Samplers / Assorted
Sambuca Italian Liqueur
Skolekridt Liitulaku
Sugar Free Licorice / Diabetic
Swedish Fish
Sweet Licorice
Sweet Licorice Coins
Tubi's Organic Soft Licorice
Tabu Licorice (Liquorice)
Taveners Licorice Drops
Tópas®, Green
Trollendrop (Troll sticks)
Tyrkisk Peber
Opal, Blue
Opal, Green
Opal, Red
Xylichew Sugar Free Chewing Gum
ZAN Licorice

 Dutch Licorice
A list of Licorice Products?
Please Click on any item below:

Bear Paws
Boerderijdrop (Salty Farm Animals)
Chalk Licorice
Candy Tree Licorice
Darq Salt Licorice
Darq Sweet Licorice
Dropvisjes (Salty Fish)
Drop Toffees
Dubbelzoute Drop (Double Salt)
Dutch Licorice Buttons & Coins
Emmertje drop
Finnska Licorices
Gemengde drop
Griotten (Grointen)
Grote Schuinen
Gustaf's Licorice
Haring Drop
Heksehyl Licorice
Honey Licorice
Hollandse Drop
Katjes®Kinder (Cats)
Katzen-Pfotchen (Cat Paws)
Klene® Zout
Kokindjes (Licorice Drops)
Konfect staven
Licorice Anise
Licorice Extract
Mentos Drop
Old Timers® Autodrop
Pond Box
Pottertjes Potter's Linea
Ribbon Licorice
Sallos Licorice Hard Candy
Salmiak (Salmiac)
Salmiak Knotsen
Salmiak Pastilles
Salmiak Riksen
Salt and Double Salted Licorice
Salt Pastiller
Salty Pickles
Salzige Heringe (Salty Herring)
Stafetten (like Snaps® & Goodies®)
Sweet Licorice
Sweet Licorice Coin
Top-Drops Licorice
Western-Hits Licorice
Wybert® Licorice
Zachte Zoute
Zoete Munten (Salty Coins)
Zoute Schuintjes
Zaanse Drop
Zoete Dropmix
Zoet Hout
Zoute Drop
Zoute Dropmix
Zoute Jujubes
Zwart Wit
Zwart Wit Kogels
Zwart Wit Rondos
Zwart Wit Zout
Zwart Wit Zoet


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