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Dutch Licorice

    Dutch licorice and the descriptions with the Dutch term and then the English:

  • Trekdrop (licorice pull): very soft licorice, about 10 cm long. Taste: sweet
  • Honingdrop (licorice bee hives aka honing drop, honing tops): firm licorice. Taste: sweet, honey flavour
  • Muntdrop (licorice coins): firm licorice. Taste: sweet (Valutadrop)
  • Dubbelzoute drop (licorice double salted aka double zout, doublezout, dubbel zoet dubbel zoute): firm licorice. Taste: very salt.
  • Kokindjes (licorice drops): soft sweet licorice buttons
  • Mentholdrop (licorice menthol aka menthol chews): firm licorice. Taste: sweet, menthol flavour (Mintnopjes)
  • Katjesdrop (licorice cats aka katjes drop): firm licorice. Taste: sweet, ginger flavour.
  • Heksendrop (licorice witches aka heksehyl): very soft licorice. Taste: salty
  • Salmiakriksen (licorice coins aka salamoniac): medium firm licorice. Taste: salty, salammoniac flavour.
  • Sleuteldrop (licorice keys): medium firm licorice. Taste: salty
  • Veterdrop (licorice laces): soft licorice. Taste: sweet.
  • Krijtjesdrop (licorice crayons): peppermint shell with a licorice paste inside. Taste: sweet, peppermint.
  • Griotten (licorice cubes aka grointen): very soft mild licorice drop shaped. Taste: sweet, anise and salammoniac.
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  • Dropharingen (aka licorice herring, drop haringen): fish shaped soft licorice. Taste: salty, pithy (aka dropvisjes).
  • Smiles (licorice smiles): medium soft licorice. Taste: salty
  • Zaanse drop (licorice of the zaan region): very soft licorice. Taste: sweet
  • Zwartwitjes (licorice pastilles black and white): Firm licorice. Taste: sweet, salammoniac centre (aka verduyn zwart  wit kogels, zwart & witjes)
  • Zoute dropmix (licorice mix salt): firm and medium firm
  • Zoete dropmix (licorice mix sweet): firm
  • Kleurendrop (coloured licorice): firm. Taste: sweet shell, licorice stick inside
  • Gemengde drop (mixed licorice): a mix of all 23 sorts
  • Lakkris Brjóstssykur hard licorice candy
  • Hjúplakkris soft, chewy chocolate covered licorice
  • Kúlur chewy (like caramel) licorice covered with chocolate
  • Munten drop (money shaped licorice) Mokum
  • Mokum soft and sweet licorice
  • Medallion drop coin shaped
  • Salmiak Riksen brown coins
  • Tikkels black and white mint tasting licorice pastilles
  • Krijtjes drop white licorice pastilles
  • Zwart Wit Zout salty licorice powder
  • Zwart Wit Zoet sweet licorice powder
  • Verduyn zwart wit kogels Salmiak powder filled balls
  • Zoute Schuimpjes medium soft diamond shaped licorice
  • Gevulde Staafjes Licorice filled tubes
  • Zacht Zoete small licorice pieces shaped like animals
  • Salmiak Palen Licorice powder in a bag
  • Lange Jan Licorice Toffee bar about the size of a normal chocolate bar
  • Katja Apekoppen met Banaansmaak (Ape Shaped Licorice with Banana Flavor)
  • Katjes Katzen-Pfotchen -Cats Paws
  • Scheeps Touw (Ship Ropes) Salmiak Filled Licorice
  • Dropsleutels Licorice keys
  • Salt o blandat Licorice & Salt Mix (Salt o blandat)
  • Jordgubbsnören Strawberry Shoestring (Jordgubbsnören)
  • Djungelvrål Djungel Screams - Salt Hot Licorice (Djungelvrål)
  • Lakritssnören Sweet Licorice Shoestring
  • Salta snören Salt Licorice Shoestring
  • Dubbel Zout Brikettes Double salted licorice bricks
  • Zatche Milotten Soft sweet licorice buttons
  • Drop Carrees Large salty licorice diamonds
  • Ruitjes a salmiak product made by Haribo and Red Band. They are tiny (0.5cm long), black, flat, and diamond-shapes.

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