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If you have a specific product then you will want to target just those sites and consumers that closely fit the needs of your campaign. Through our banner advertisements we can work with you to customize your campaign to reach your desired audience . A banner is a graphic that links to another location on the Internet (such as an advertiser's site). On the Licorice site, banners appear within the top portion of each page. Please review the information below or send an e-mail to: advertise@licorice.org .

Advertising Rates
At Licorice.org we have a very targeted audience. Our clientele are not random user, they are very specific licorice-lovers. Our ad rates are based on impressions (defined below:
Button Ads: 5 cents per click through (US$)
Commission on your sale: For additional information please contacting
Your ad graphics will be placed upon receipt of payment. Advertisers will be invoiced by e-mail (and hard copy regular mail -- only upon request).

Advertising Definitions

The number of times a visitor sees an advertisement on a web page. Our advertising charges are based on impressions.
The number of times a visitor clicks on an ad banner or button graphic, hyper-linking the visitor to the advertiser's Web site.
An abbreviation for "Cost per Thousand", meaning the rate a site charges for a thousand ad impressions.

Advertising Specifications
In order to maintain some consistency between advertisements the following specifications have been established for advertising graphics: (All ad graphics should be e-mailed to: advertise@licorice.org).
Image File Format: GIF
Homepage Banner Dimensions: 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall
Animated GIFs: Allowed, but should be optimized to reduce file size.
Modifications: Ad graphics can be changed up to 3 times per month.

Advertising Tracking
Licorice.org will provide each advertiser with access stats related to their ad banner during the contracted advertisement period. Such stats will show the number of times each ad graphic has been displayed, the number of click-throughs received and the resulting click-through ratio.

Advertising Contacts
If you wish to advertise with us or you have questions regarding the advertising information presented above or you wish additional detail, please send your inquiries by email to:



Contact Us: You can send e-mail to: info@licorice.org.
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