Salty Licorice


Briketten is a little less salty than the double salted licorice and with it's remarkable flavor it is  traditional specialty from Holland.

Darq Salt Licorice

Darq salt and darq sweet are new types of licorice from Venco®. Both types are hard with a full taste. Dubbelzoute Drop (Double Salt) or Dubbel Zoute Drop or Double Salted European Licorice.

Emmertje drop (Bucket of licorice)

"Two buckets of original Dutch sweet and salt licorice. This is a great gift for a very special friend on a very special occasion. The brand name is van Vliet, the licorice is sweet, salty, and firm."

Grote Schuinen

Large salty diamonds.

Haring Drop

Very salty herring shaped Dutch licorice.

Harlekijntjes zachte zout

Soft and salty Dutch licorice.

Licorice Pretzels -- Haribo Salz Brezeln

Salty Licorice Pretzels from Haribo® that are sShaped like a pretzel and coated in sugar for a both a salty and sweet taste.

Salmiak Knotsen, Salmiakknotsen (Licorice Lollypops)

Strong and salty Licorice lollipops.

Salzige Heringe (Salty Herring)

A soft licorice in the shape of a fish but it is strong and salty and made with real liquorice root juice.

Top-Drops Licorice

"Top-drop is a famous type of licorice from Venco®, Red Band® and Klene®. Top-drop could be placed in both the salty and sweet licorice categories."

Zachte Zoute

"Soft and salty licorice diamonds. Also know as schuinzout, stevige zoute drop, zachte zoute."

Zoute Dropmix

Zoute Dropmix, Zout Dropmix - Soft and lightly salted. This is a mix of a few salty licorice sharpes - rarm shaped, double salted, licorice diamonds, salmiac coins and licorice herrings all together in one bag.

Zoute Jujubes

Strong and salty. "Easy Aces" a gelatinous colored candy shaped into the shape of Hearts Diamonds Clubs and Spades in red yellow and black colors. They were made by Wonderbee or Wonderly in Phlidelphia, Pa. which was bought by Henry Heide or so we've been told. They are similar to Jujubes but have a different flavor.


Very strong and salty licorice Holland. They are candy-coated black & white button-sized licorice.

Salt o Blandat

Mixture of Swedish sweet and salt licorice.

Tyrkisk peber, Turkisk peppar, Turkisk pepper

Hot, salty licorice from makers like Fazer Tyrkisk Peber Extra Hot.  Each salt licorice candy has a  liquid center with a powder coating.

Braided Licorice Rope

Three licorice ropes about 1 inch wide by about 2 1/2 inches long. The outside ropes were twisted the single inside rope had straight lines. One could tear off the ropes from one another. They were black licorice with a strong flavor and likely with a high salt content.

Licorice Powder - Zwart Wit Zout & Zwart Wit Zoet

These are types of licorice powder. Also known as salmiakpalen and salmiak poeder. For example Zwart Wit Zout is salty licorice powder and Zwart Wit Zoet is sweet licorice powder. As avalvilable below Zwart Wit Rondos & Zwart Wit Kogels

Licorice Tubes

They are about 3 to 4 inches long with a tubular shape like a pencil. The ends were kind of pinched off with a slight indentation near both ends. The licorice was more on the hard side but not so hard you had difficulty chewing it as some licorices can be. It was a bit salty similar to Kookaburra® licorice.

Licorice Witches -- Zoete Heksendrop

Licorice witches (zoete heksendrop, zoete heksehyl) is a tube shaped licorice which is a  lightly sugared licorice tube filled with a salty salmiac creme.


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