Non-Black Licorice

Green, Mint Flavored Licorice. Groentjes

Classic Black Licorice surrounds a sweet, minty confection.


Bico's (dropkabels) are made out of sweet and soft black English licorice combined with red licorice laces. It's an old and efficacious kind of licorice made by Red Band¨.

Bico's Hard Licorice

Bico's are hard black licorice sticks wrapped with red sweet licorice laces.  Typically Haribo's Bico's.

Licorice Cream Rocks

They are black and 1 long , filled with a colored ( yellow, white, green) cream like candy.

Licorice Snaps

Licorice Snaps are a hollow candy, coated with pastel colors. Snaps are about 3/4's of an inch lng and a little bigger around than a pencil. They are made out of black licorice and were a hollow tube of licorice. Each piece is coated with one color candy shell. The colors they have been made in are green, pink, orange, and white. They are not hard, but rather soft due to the  due to the hollow. They are very different than licorice pastels. American Licorice has brought back the original Snaps!

Haribo® Bico's

Haribo Bico's are licorice sticks and wounded with sweet red licorice. They are hard and sweet.

Broadway Licorice Rolls

Red licorice by the brand name of Broadway also known as Delfa Red Rolls or Hollywood Licoirce. The licorice roll-ups came only in red. Each pack was about the size of a regular-sized tootsie roll, and contained about 5 thin strips of licorice.

Red Licorice Laces -- Gekleurde veters

Not the shiny red licorice laces that taste like those famous spiral red licorice sticks. Instead Old Fashioned tasting laces from our youth.

Red Vines Licorice

Original Red twists available in both red and black.

RJ's Licorice

RJ's Licorice Soft eating Made with natural flavors.


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