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Bassett's Black Jack Chew Bar

Bassett's black jack chewy aniseed flavored bar.

Bassetti Hard Liquorice Sticks

Was made by Barrats but that company was taken over by Bassetts. These are shiny sticks with the Basetti stamped into one end.

Bico's Hard Licorice

Bico's are hard black licorice sticks wrapped with red sweet licorice laces.  Typically Haribo's Bico's.

Black Pharaoh Liquorice

100% All Natural Black Licorice that is 97% Fat Free. Made in New Zealand.

Cachou LaJaunie

This is a French product that was developed in 1880 by a pharmacist who wanted to help people gain a sense of fresh breath and health. The licorice squares are very small, approximately 1/8  inch x 1/8 inch, and they are sold in a bright yellow tin, approximately the  size of a half dollar. Very small intense licorice Lajaunie Reglisse. This is likely the closest to the Italian licorice,  Liquorice--1886--Reglisse

Callard & Bowser Licorice Toffee

Established in 1837, Callard and Bowser has been making quality confections for the last 150 years. Individually wrapped liquorice toffee. No longer made.

Chipurnoi -- Licorice Chips

Wrapped in the tiny black, red and white wrappers. Made in Italy.

Daintee Licorice (Liquorice)

Made by the Daintee Chocolate Confectionery Company Ltd. in Blackpool UK. They make two different licorice reddish pink wrapper one is the better then the one with the silver, black and gold stripes.

Danish Licorice

Including by PINGVIN: Amar Kiks, Black Prince, Blue Jeans. Also Evers brand Dameskra.

Darrell Lea

Darrell Lea manufactured soft eating licorice / liquorice.

Fassi Mental mints

They are a licorice and menthol mint about the size of a Tic-Tac

German Licorice

Including by KATJES: BillyBulldog, Euro Munzen, Jogger Gums, Katzen Ohren, Lakritz Batzen (Bats), and Steife Brise.

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Commerical licorice products

Golia Licorice

This candy contains real licorice juice. Besides being a delicious candy Golia Nera offers all the beneficial properties of licorice. Made by  Perfetti S.p.A in Lainate, Italy

Gott o Blandat

Mix of Swedish sweet licorice and other delicious candy.

Halva® Licorice


Haribo® Bico's

Haribo Bico's are licorice sticks and wounded with sweet red licorice. They are hard and sweet.


Danish Heksehyl by Pingvin®


Chocolate-covered rich, soft and chewy licorice. Imported from Iceland and made by Nói Síríus (without accents Noi Sirius )


Imps are sugar free small black 'bits'about 4mm x 3mm x 2mm, cut at an angle to be pillow shaped. There are made by: Ernest Jackson & Co Ltd., Crediton, Devon, EX17 3AP, UK. Still widely available in the UK.

Italian Licorice

For example, Amarelli brand.

Italiano Rolls

Italiano rolls are made by Red Band®.  They are rolls of candy licorice covered with sugar.

Kookaburra Licorice

Kookaburra Small Sticks, Kookaburra (kookabura) Bites, and Allsorts. Available in Red (strawberry) or Black.

Lakrisal Salmiac Pastilles

Salmiac Pastilles

Lakritz-Konfekt  / Konfectstaven

Lakritz-Konfekt is a German licorice in Dutch it is known as Konfectstaven under the brand name of Haribo®


Licorettes sugar free licorice flavored pastilles.

Licorice Boats -  Lakrits B√•tar, Lakritsb√•tar

Licorice shaped like boats. Try the link below or the IKEA®'s food section

Licorice Lentils

Lakrits Lentils, Liquorice Lentils, Chocolate Licorice Lentils, Coleta lakrits

Licorice Smiles

Smiles are medium soft licorice with a little satly taste.

Liquirizia Purissima

Makers like: Zia Letizia, Linea, Menozzi de Rosa, Sfizia, Saila, Sibla, and Tabu

Malaco Licorice Lakritssn√ren

Black licorice or strawberry licorice that is made by Malaco of Sweden. It comes in several shapes. They also make whips.


Meloids are sold as a throat 'pastille'. Meloids are distributed by Schering-Plough Healthcare products in Mississauga, Ontario and by The Boots Company Ltd. Nothingham, England. These were small squares similar to Sen Sen (but fatter) and not as pungent (also they are like Helps). They came in a tin saying: Meloids containing licorice, menthol and capsicum.

Mint Nopjes

Mint nopjes are balls with a hard shell of mint and filled with salt. They are black and white in colour.


Morositas is a candy with two flavors: licorice one everyone knows, and the newer fruit flavor. Distributed by Perfetti Co., Lainate (Milano) Italy.

Nonsuch Liquorice Toffee

Made in England by the same family for over a century.


Nopjes are cylindrical shaped and they are black and white in colour.


Nubilottes are a registered type licorice of Netherlands Pharmaceutical group.  Nubilottes are high quality licorice specially for diabetic. The licorice is swelled with Maltitol syrup and so they are free of sugar, gluten and lactose. They have 50% less of calories than normal licorice. Nubilottes come in four flavors: Honey fishes, Salt ovals, Sweet suns and Fruit diamonds (winegums)

Oatfield Liquorice Toffee

Made in Ireland by Oatfield Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

Opal, Blue

Blue, Green or Red, these small, very strong licorice drops, are a favorite among Icelanders. These have a taste of menthol added to real licorice. Imported from Iceland.

Panda Licorice Bars & Panda Licoirce Chews

Panda Bars, Panda Black Chews, Panda Herbal Chews, Soft Bear Shaped Licorice Pieces, Panda Soft Licorice Pieces etc.

Pontefract Cakes or Pomfret Cakes, or Pomfrey Cakes

Licorice lozenges impressed with a castle; so called from being made at Pontefract -- a small Northern English town fifteen miles southeast of Leeds, was one of the most important liquorice cultivation areas in all England. Try any of the web addresses below and search on Pontefract


Puntini sambuca candies. Puntini Menta Fresca Chips (ITALY), CHIPURNOI

Saila Licorice Mints

Refreshing, hard-to-find mints imported from Italy. Pfizer (who now owns Warner-Lambert).

Salt o Blandat

Mixture of Swedish sweet and salt licorice.

Sambuca Italian Liqueur

An Italian liqueur, flavored with anise, elderberrys, sugar and a secret combination of herbs and spices giving a licorice taste. Sambucas nigra the scientific name for the elderberry.

Skolekridt Liitulaku

Skolekridt means Schoolkrijt which translates to School Crayons

Swedish Fish

The chewy fish in Assorted and Red. Two sized in normal or mini.

Sweet Licorice

Instead of a salty licorice this has a sweeter taste.

Sweet Licorice Coins

Sweet Zoete munten

Tabu Licorice (Liquorice)

Tabu is an Italian licorice. They are a brand of licorice pellets, which are very small segments approximately 3 mm in diameter by 4 mm in length. Licorice in hard little cylinders shapes. They are sold in flat tins 1 3/4 in diameter.  It's made by R. De Rosa Co.of Montesilvano, Italy and distributed by Perfetti Co., Lainate (Milano) Italy. Menozzi & R. De Rosa s.a.s. Montesilvano - Stab. di ATRI - Distribuito Da Perfeti S.P.A. -

Lainate - MI


Taveners Licorice Drops

Medium textured disk shaped English licorice drops licorice enhanced with Aniseed oil. Taveners produces candies in the old English fashion. All of their products are in handy travel tins makint them very good gift ideas.

T√≥pas®, Green

These small, very strong licorice drops, are a favorite among Icelanders. These have a taste of menthol added to real licorice. Imported from Iceland.

Trollendrop (Troll sticks)

The salmiac Troll sticks are stuffed with a sweet licorice paste. It's a typical Danish favorite. Dangerously delicious.

Tubi's Organic Soft Licorice

Tubi's Organic Soft Licorice Traditional Finnish licorice made with organic molasses and licorice extract. It is Certified USDA Organic with a Mellow, all-natural snack with soft and creamy texture.

Tyrkisk peber, Turkisk peppar, Turkisk pepper

Hot, salty licorice from makers like Fazer Tyrkisk Peber Extra Hot.  Each salt licorice candy has a  liquid center with a powder coating.

ZAN Licorice

Beginning in 1862 ZAN made liquorice sweets in the South of France. Ricqles was founded in 1938, and specialised in the production of peppermint, menthol extracts, etc. In 1970, Ricqles merged with the ZAN liquorice works to form Ricqles Zan. 1985, HARIBO also acquired the shares of Ricqles Zan. At the end of 1987 this company was then merged with HARIBO France to create HARIBO Ricqles Zan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the HARIBO Group. the brand name Zan was retained because of its great popularity and high brand awareness level in France. Information source:

Wybertjes® -- Menthol licorice diamonds

Menthol licorice diamonds are small pastilles with a very special licorice menthol based taste. Wybertjes are a blessing for your throat during the cold and rainy seasons.


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